Foreign currency exchange

Favourable market rate at minimal cost

Foreign exchange for companies

For foreign trade companies that need to exchange foreign currency with minimal costs that do not affect the trade margin. We will ensure the exchange under individual conditions without any limits.

Foreign exchange for individuals

A combination of a favourable exchange rate and fees below 0.09% seems impossible in foreign exchange operations. But not with us. We offer currency exchange with minimal costs.

Foreign currency calculator

Foreign exchange calculator

  • Do you often go abroad and need to exchange foreign currency conveniently?
  • Are you a foreign trade company and need to exchange foreign currency with minimal costs that will not affect your margin?
  • Are you looking for a partner who will arrange their exchange for you under advantageous conditions without any limits?
  • Then we are here just for you.

You can enter an exchange order either electronically or by telephone with the help of our dealing staff. You can send the currency you exchanged to your bank account yourself or we will send it to your bank account immediately after the conversion.


1 EUR 24.7790
1 USD 24.3225
1 PLN 5.2014
1 GBP 29.1267
1 CHF 25.0090
100 HUF 6.0260
1 DKK 3.3250
1 SEK 2.3052
1 NOK 2.3973
1 CAD 18.6420
100 JPY 17.9000
1 AUD 16.5062

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