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Trade stocks, ETFs, indices, bonds and funds with us. Thousands of instruments in 125 markets and 31 countries and a single application. Our platform has won many international awards. Join our satisfied customers.


Trade stocks on world markets with your own unique set of advanced order types, algorithms and sophisticated trading tools.


Gain diversification of mutual funds with stock flexibility through "exchange traded funds" (ETFs).

Mutual fund

Our low-cost policy allows us to offer more than 10,000 mutual funds.

Asset management

Low fees, great results, convenience, and an experienced team with a professional approach to creating individual portfolios. Focused on profit maximisation with risk minimisation.


Because bond price sources are sourced from multiple suppliers, investors can trade fixed income products at narrow spreads.

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Handy Trader

Trade anywhere and whatever you want.
You should always have the best trading tools for trading.

MPro Desktop

Mercurius Pro for desktops is the best choice for active traders and investors who trade in multiple products.


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Our short videos will help you quickly orient yourself in trading platforms and guide you on how to easily master trading skills.

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